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A highly regarded, successful international school where children and teachers from many countries thrive, valuing each other, sharing and growing together.


To continue to achieve our vision we develop excellent learning and teaching care standards to ensure children are able to flourish and succeed whilst they gain a progressive and stimulating education. We continually review our systems and support staff to understand and apply the best care, responding to need as resourceful and respectful role models.


The school values:

The natural inquisitiveness and creativity of children
The diversity created by children and adults from around the globe inputting to a common purpose
The perspectives, talents, experiences and cultures of all people as reflected in our school
Outcomes for children

Confidence in their own abilities and the skills and understanding of others
Excellent academic results having reached their potential through their own efforts and the strength of the teaching approach
A positive world view and knowledge of other cultures & languages – rooted in the best that an English education has to offer.